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The first in a series of prisms, this one mounts to the wall and refracts light like a kaleidoscope creating new visions. 


The nature of a prism transmits both reflective and transparent light. The viewer can see through it but it also mirrors one's image. The multiplicity in perceptions becomes malleable.


This specific prism is inspired by the tattoo culture that is prevalent in Los Angeles. The symbolic language emblematically presenting hidden meanings and matters of importance to the world, may change or expire over one's lifetime. These gaps in meaning, align with one's virtual/real persona-one that may be adopted and then shedded in cycles. In a cyber world, the screen acts as a corridor between the private sphere and the global platform.


The inner "walls" of each future prism will be mounted with abstracted images manipulated on the computer. They may encompass landscapes, geometric forms, texts and/or different luminescent color sheets.


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