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The "New New Man" series, features skulls and gas masks which feign to be protective and ecological but simultaneously tempts consumer culture being presented by this new-new-thing- or trend.


A paradox presents itself where the products age faster than ever. That which served us in the past, now dominates us. The Internet, which was considered egalitarian-cooperative-free-democratic-subversive, has become institutional-corporate-managed-commercialized, boosting the forces of globalization and the market.
We define ourselves in relation to brands. Our lexicon of words and symbols is not original. It belongs to the corporate-commercial dictionary. We "market" ourselves, upgrade ourselves, brand ourselves, and leverage ourselves. We risk losing our personal language, and sense of free being.


Existence in this space/time of the Internet erodes autonomous social existence in reality, dismissing all criticism.


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© ​MIRI CHAIS                                             

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