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My work exists somewhere in the shadows between the real and the virtual world. It explores the body's intersection with the artificial, and how our brains extrapolate information that floats between representation and abstraction. I am interested in the daily battle that social media creates between one's emotion and detachment, and the implications of how technologies and imagined worlds may affect our lives and expectations.


In developed countries, we are inundated with endless amounts of imagery and swept away into social media channels that have become our second nature--perhaps even our first nature. My art appropriates the tropes from both ancient and contemporary systems culled from classic literature and technology-driven mass media, in search of a hybrid future aesthetic.


Recently, I have been influenced by the theoretical physicist, Michiu Kaku's book, "The Future of the Mind". In it, he explores the endless possibilities for expanding and altering the use of the human brain; manipulated self-recognition, artificial memories. These theories deepen my exploration into the kinds of potential enhancements and augmentations we may have yet to discover within our near future.


Miri Chais
April 2015

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